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Capital Campaign Radio Interview with Brad Segall

Jason Griggs, Campaign Chairman of the Board of the Washington Memorial Heritage and Gardiner Pearson, president of the Board of the Washington Memorial Heritage, talking about the effort that is now underway to restore Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Park in Montgomery County


The Campaign To Restore and Preserve Washington Memorial Chapel


For most of us Washington Memorial Chapel is the place where we worship. For countless others it is a precious living memorial to George Washington and the Patriots of the American Revolution. We love the Chapel, and we also know that this glorious building is in need of repair. Water has eroded the stone carvings, discolored Chapel walls, and damaged the stained-glass windows. Urgent repairs are needed to prevent further damage and to secure the Chapel’s structural integrity.
The total need for addressing the vital repair and restoration work is estimated at $4.5 million. The members of Washington Memorial Chapel have established a first-phase goal of One-Million Dollars to address the most urgent needs. We know we will need help from people of good will in the Delaware Valley and throughout the country, but we must first demonstrate our commitment as members of the Chapel.
Who would deny that we have a sacred trust? We stand where heroes walked. We remember the sacrifice of those 2,000 soldiers who endured the bitter cold and suffering of the winter of 1777-78. We also stand in the footsteps of the Rev. W. Herbert Burk, our founding priest, who had the dream of creating a sacred place where Americans could come to worship the Living God and to remember the commitment of those who gained our independence.
Now it is our moment to do something heroic! As we observe this Launch Event for the Capital Campaign to Restore and Preserve Washington Memorial Chapel, we are looking to every member of our congregation to make an appropriate contribution to help us reach our goal. We hope that our members will be generous, but, above all, we hope everyone will support this Campaign with a gift, no matter how modest. In anticipation of the start of the Campaign, we provide some answers to questions you might have: Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Repointing critical areas of exterior and interior stonework

  • Replacing critical flashing and seals in roofs, windows and gutters

  • Replacing roofing that has reached the end of its life

  • Replacing downspouts

  • Cleaning underground drainage lines